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Chakra UI Pro - Components

If you liked our open source project; Chakra UI, then you'll love this 💖.

A powerful set of fully responsive and accessible React components made by the creators of Chakra UI.

It provides 220+ pre-made Application, E-Commerce and Marketing components that help you create unlimited web apps and ship your product faster. ⚡

Each component is designed to be highly responsive, accessible and visually appealing. 

🌍  Official Website


😍  Beautifully-Designed Components
Save time and build products with well-organized and designed React components.

🦋  Made with TypeScript 
Every code snippet you'll get is written in TypeScript in a way that seamlessly integrates with Chakra UI.

🌓  Light and dark theme 
Two themes in one pack. Every component has support for a light and dark theme

♿️ Accessibility 
From Semantic HTML, to focus management, aria-attributes, etc, we ensure the components are carefully crafted for accessibility.

📝  Documented Code
Copy React + TypeScript snippets and components, paste them into your favorite editor, and get your responsive page ready in minutes!

Designed with 💖  by Segun & Christian 

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Chakra UI Pro - Components

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